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A Small Inhaler so you can take your poppers anywhere simply and discreetly. Nobody will notice anything.

Made in aluminium, black color and small.

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You can take your favorite poppers in this little bottle without anyone noticing. Likewise, when you open it and put it to your nose, no one will know what effects a brief inhalation can have on you. Once closed you can go back to your smaller pocket and stay there until needed again.

ith this popper inhaler, the fear of picking up the small glass bottle in an unsuitable place or of breaking it is a thing of the past. This small product allows you to use any scent, anywhere in a very discreet way.

Confused about how to use? We explain. The first step is to remove the inhaler cap and then unscrew the inner part until you have access to the area where you will store the popper. Then you need to soak some cotton in one of your favorite poppers and put the cotton inside the inhaler. Tighten it tight and put on the outer cover. Finally, put it in your pocket, and when you need to use it, just remove the outer cap, bring the inhaler to your nose and inhale deeply. The effects are the same as inhaling directly from the popper bottles. When the effect becomes weaker, just change the cotton inside and go back to using normally.

The material of this popper inhaler is very light but resistant. It is shock resistant and in any case there is no liquid inside to pour out if it falls to the ground. Yes, this is a very important detail: you should not put the liquid directly inside the inhaler as this will only make it pour what the inhaler is in a horizontal position. You should always use a little cotton or any other absorbent material.

Reasons why you'll love this product:

- Very discreet popper inhaler

- Very light

- Resistant to impacts

- Ideal to use anywhere

- Reusable

- Easy to use

Material: Aluminum

Color: Black


Length: approximately 6 cm

Diameter: approximately 1.5 cm

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