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XTRM® SNFFR® the amplifier for all poppers fans!

Just screw it on and you have the hottest sound.

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Absolute novelty

Also never seen before

With these new SNFFR you can not only screw 2 bottles on at the same time, you can also enjoy 2 different flavours, the absolute madness. Right Pentyl, left Amyl or Rush go Amsterdam who has the best kick!

This SNFFR is only suitable for small bottles with a diameter at the bottle end.

They were invented in 2019 and the SNFFR are a registered product with the German Patent Office, we produce them ourselves in Austria.

This guarantees consistent quality and fast delivery times.

With the SNFFR ® the blood circulation is fantastic and absolutely brilliant, the aroma even more intense, finer and many times more relaxed.

Advantages of the SNFFR:

  • no contact with the aroma
  • the aroma is even more intense, finer and many times more relaxed
  • no skin irritation or redness on the nose or skin
  • XTRM SNFFR suitable for all common bottles
  • Examples of this are shown here
  • simply unscrew the poppers lid and screw our SNFFR on top, done, after use simply screw the PP lid back on.
  • Due to our continuously developed 2-hole system, the aroma gets a dreamlike circulation and the effect of the so-called kick is there.

An unprecedented and significantly improved handling and effect of the popper. 

Safety note: Approach carefully. Do not tip the bottle, the SNFFR by XTRM are not leak-proof. The SNFFR® does not need to be washed, do not expose to excessive heat.

Bottle not included

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POPL18-094-B LK3
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